All registrations received will be confirmed via email.


31st July 2023
1st August 2023
1. General 63rd ICBL 500 € 600 €
2. Postdoc 63rd ICBL* 400 € 500 €
3. Predoct/MS Students 63rd ICBL*  300 € 400 €
4. Accompanying persons 63rd ICBL 150 € 200 €
5. General Satellite Meeting  100 € 100 €
6. Postdoc Satellite Meeting*  75 € 75 €
7. Predoct/MS Satellite Meeting*  50 € 50 €
21% VAT  included in all fees.

* Students and postdocs will be required to prove their status by attaching a supporting document from their institution signed by the head of department or supervisor.
Please send this documentation to:
Registration will not be confirmed until this information is obtained.

They must be requested by email.

Name changes: Will have a cost of 40€ (VAT included). Name changes must be made within the same fee. Name changes can be made up to 10 days before the start of the meeting, after that date they will not be processed.

Cancellations: Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days before the start of the meeting, giving the right to a refund of the amount paid, except for €60 (VAT included) for administrative costs. After this date, 100% of the fees will be charged. Refunds will be made one month after the meeting has taken place.
Registration fees can be paid as follows:

Bank transfer: To the name of DATA EVENTS SERVICES S.L to the IBAN account ES82/0182/4651/9502/0154/4006 of Banco Santander.
A copy of the transfer should be sent together with the registration form. Please do not send transfers after 21st September 2023, as there is a risk that they will not be received before the conference.

Credit card: Only VISA and MasterCard are accepted.